ZIG+STAR's mission as a brand is to design shoes that last longer. But when you feel your time with them has come to an end, let's continue that journey.

Sal's shoes (https://www.salsshoes.com/) are an amazing charity and together our mission is to make sure your used, loved (but not outworn!) shoes are delivered straight to those who need them most.

Simply email us at help@zigandstar.com and we will send you a free shipping label to send your shoes to a new home.

Sal's shoes will send your donations all over the world, they could end up in Africa, South America, Europe, India. Your old shoes will be going on an exciting new adventure... perhaps you could write a letter to the child who will be receiving your shoes, tell them about all the adventures you've had in your ZIG+STARs!

All we ask is that you give them a quick clean and pop them in a parcel along with a £1 donation to help them on their way (or click here to find out other ways to donate) https://www.salsshoes.com/donate-now/