Every year the global shoe industry creates approximately 24 billion pairs of shoes... There are not even 8 billion people living on this earth.

You don't need to be a mathematician to see that those numbers don't add up. 

With the rise of fast fashion, many shoes are not built to last and considered disposable... Approximately 150 million shoes end up in UK landfill every year.

At ZIG+STAR, our Good-to-Grow design helps you get as much wear as possible from you shoes... We want kids to be free to run and have adventures in our shoes. So eventually there will come a point when those shoes can no longer be passed on or donated. 

We want to prevent ANY of our shoes ending up in landfill... So we are partnering with a recycling service and paying for you to recycle your old ZIG+STARs.

Simply email us at returns@zigandstar.com and we will send you a shipping label to start the process of recycling your much-loved, worn out shoes.