And with the rise of fast and disposable fashion, this number is rising every year. 
Our mission as a brand is to design shoes that can take you anywhere, will last you longer and are good for your feet and the planet.

“Extending the life of your clothing and footwear has a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint”- Fashion Revolution

Wearing your shoes for longer (and passing them on if you can) not only reduces the carbon emissions from that come from the production process, but also reduces waste.

From the start of our journey, we have questioned every decision to ensure we are taking the most sustainable path possible… 

Our packaging is recycled and recyclable or fully compostable…. 

Even our shoeboxes have a purpose… Something for them to take on their next adventure.. 

Sustainability is a journey and we are learning more every day.

Reducing consumption and making products last longer is a simple way to reduce environmental impact. 

We want you to love our shoes, wear them for as long as possible, and pass them on.

Remember the five R’s