Making sure the Earth is well looked after for the next generation is of the utmost important. We need to consider the choices we make when buying products. Have you ever asked yourself ‘can I be doing more to help the planet?’ or perhaps, taking a second to think about what happens to your old clothes and shoes once you’ve  thrown them out? Where do they end up? 

There are approximately 20 billion shoes manufactured each year… that’s a lot. This is causing a huge negative impact on our planet. The process of shoe manufacturing itself produces carbon dioxide which we know has harmful effects on the environment. Plus a lots of synthetic materials are used which are petrochemical based. It’s clear the impacts of footwear and clothing production have had a massive impact on global warming and climate change.

But it’s not just production that’s the issue…. What happens when you are finished with your shoes? Or your kids grow out of them? In a perfect world the shoes would end up in a new home before being recycled, but the reality is that they often end up in landfill. Overproduction, especially of fast fashion products, are sometime sent to landfill without being sold and it’s been estimated that it can take some shoes and textiles up to 200+ years to decompose

However, there is hope. There is a growing influence in consumer’s buying behaviour, seeking out ethical brands and a trying to live more sustainably. New brands are appearing, driven by a desire to bring sustainability to the forefront. That can be through the materials they use, production methods, sustainable design.

For us, it’s a combination… sustainable design that allows shoes to grow with the child and last longer, reducing production waste and using materials that are selected for either their durability or environmental benefits.

It’s also about moving towards a more circular business model. This month, we are launching 2 new initiatives to sit alongside our RESALE partnership…

First is DONATE - we are partnering with an amazing charity called Sals shoes, who gets preloved shoes to kids who most need them, all over the world

Second is RECYCLE – send your worn out ZIG+STARs back to us and, with our recycling service, we will stop your old shoes ending up in landfill.

Just subscribe on our website or email us at to find out more.

 One of the few positive things to come out of the climate crisis is that the movement towards sustainable living is being driven by the the younger generation. Children today are more aware than ever about the role they have to play in protecting our planet and we need to lead by example.

 Choose Well. Make It Last. Pass it On, Share The Love.



Written by Sophie Brosnan