“Extending the life of your clothing and footwear has a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint”- Fashion Revolution


Wearing your shoes for longer (and passing them on if you can) is a simple, but impactful, way of reducing your environmental impact. It not only reduces carbon emissions that come from the production process, but also reduces the amount going to landfill every year.

We are on a mission to make kid's footwear more sustainable... Here's how:


Every single pair of our children’s shoes and sandals is designed to expand and adjust as your child grows. 

With our shoes and boots, we achieve this through our game-changing "Good-to-Grow" midsole: a hidden layer that can be removed to add an extra half size of growing room to the shoe. Depending on the age of your child, this could equate to anything from an extra two months’ wear to an extra year’s wear. 

Our kids’ sandals feature adjustable straps which allow them to adjust and grow as they grow.


Our adjustability makes our shoes accessible to everyone, no matter their foot shape. 

We produce all our shoes on the same last (one for infants and one for juniors) with one optimal width and a shape that works for growing feet. The whole process of getting shoes to fit is simplified, production waste is minimised and it’s much easier to pass our shoes on to be worn and loved by another child when you’re done.


The materials we use have to deliver on quality, longevity and recyclability and are tested to the highest international standards

Across our collection we use premium, chrome-free leathers which are incredibly durable and breathable. All of our outsoles are natural rubber, chosen because it’s lightweight, biodegradable and extremely hardwearing. All metals are nickel-free and contain no nasty chemicals.

But it's not just our shoes we focus on... 

Our packaging is recycled and recyclable, or fully compostable. Even our shoeboxes have a use beyond their primary purpose… A little suitcase for them to take on their next adventure.. 


My passion for giving kids' the freedom to be whoever they want to be, is a huge part of the reason why all our shoes are gender neutral. But unisex footwear also feeds right back into our sustainability mission because it means there are also no limitations in terms of who you can pass our shoes on to when you’re done with them.

Our designs are created with longevity in mind. We are not about passing trends, our aim is to strike the balance of classic and cool, that doesn't date and goes with everything.

Shoes for every season, for every outfit, for every use. Because by maximising wear and giving kids the freedom to be whoever they want to be, we’re doing better by our planet and our children.