We understand the importance
of looking after little feet 

We’ve spent over 2 years researching and designing our products in conjunction with a Paediatric Podiatrist, to give you shoes that not only look good, but are good for their feet too.

Zig+Star takes children’s feet seriously. Their styles incorporate great fit and function and as well as child friendly, adjustable design. And as a mum myself, its so refreshing to see a brand that’s designed with both style and foot health at the forefront. That’s why I have loved working with Ali on the product development for Zig+Star, and fully approve and endorse the brand.

Tracy Byrne BSc PGDip MIS
Podiatrist specialising in Paediatrics and Biomechanics

The human foot is made up of over 20 muscles and 26 bones… These bones start off as soft cartilage that aren’t fully formed and developed until the age of 18.

Well designed and good fitting shoes aren't just important for toddlers, they’re important throughout all stages of childhood development, and beyond…

Barefoot is best for as long as possible, but once they are on the move their feet will need a bit more protection.

Here are some important things
to look for in your shoes

  • Flexible and non slip soles allow the foot and ankle to develop naturally
  • Upper Designs that hold and support the foot comfortably
  • Width at the toe to allow feet to spread naturally 
  • Lightweight to prevent any restriction of movement
  • Breathable materials such as leather or canvas



  • Paediatric Podiatrist Approved and Recommended 
  • Fully Adjustable Upper Designs, with Room to Grow
  • Naturally Rubber outsoles for maximum flexibility
  • Padded Leather Insocks that support while allowing easy movement 
  • Embossed Outsole Design for better grip
  • Leather Upper and Linings
  • Optimal width for growing feet
  • Lightweight