I’m Ali and this is the Zig+Star family.

If I could wish for one thing for my children, it would be freedom. Freedom to explore. Freedom to express themselves.

And most importantly, freedom to be whoever they want to be.

As a mum of two girls and a boy, I felt frustrated at how the kids wear market directed me to buy one type of product for my daughters and another for my son. An avalanche of pink unicorns on one side of the shop and an army of dinosaurs on the other. Shoes were no better: boys’ shoes were built for adventure, but where was the colour or the fun? Whilst girls’ shoes were sparkly or impractical...

This pigeon-holing gives our kids the message that there are limits and restrictions to how they should dress, what their interest should be and ultimately, who they should be.

After 20 years working in fashion and footwear, I decided to tackle this head-on. To create the shoes I wanted to buy for my own children. Unisex styles in cool colours, that not only looked great but were good for their feet and for the planet. Designed in collaboration with a Paediatric Podiatrist, the styles are designed to adjust to each child and grow as they grow.

Who says you can’t have style and substance?

Ali x


  • Styles that look good and are good for their feet
  • Planet conscious shoes designed to last and grow as they grow
  • Child-friendly, adjustable designs
  • Unisex designs that don't pigeonhole children
  • A brand that cares about circularity