Choosing Kids' Shoes for healthy, happy feet


two children wearing podiatrist approved sandals (Rae cross strap sandal and Cosmic caged sandal) and holding a pair of Cosmic caged sandals in their hands

Why podiatrist approved, healthy footwear is so important

As parents, we want the best for our children... we want them to be healthy, happy, and safe. And when it comes to choosing shoes for our kids, we should be just as mindful of their health and happiness.

But how do we know what's good for their feet and how do we make the right choice? Let ZIG+STAR help you...

Why Choose Healthy Footwear?

The bones in children's feet start off as soft cartilage and aren't fully developed until they hit their mid teens. It's important to choose kids' shoes that are not only comfortable and supportive for your child's feet, but that also have enough width to spread and wiggle. The wrong fitting type of shoe can cause a
variety of issues such as blisters, bunions, corns, and even long-term foot problems like plantar fasciitis. Learn more about kids' foot health here.

What Makes a Shoe Healthy?

- The most important things to look for when shopping for kids' shoes is to make sure they are flexible, lightweight and breathable.

- Shoes should have plenty of room in the toe box so that your child's toes can move freely without being cramped or pinched. Does the shoe look like the shape of a childs' foot? You can judge this very quickly by placing your childs' foot on the top of the shoe and seeing if it follows the shape . Our shoes have a wider than standard fit with added adjustability to suit all foot widths. Check out out foot measuring guide and chart here.

- "Podiatrist approved" shoes means that an expert in foot health have examined these shoes and judged them to be good for developing feet. This is a very quick way to understand if this will support your child's' feet in the correct way. 

- Flexibility is important - if you cannot bend the shoe, it is a definite no-no for kids' feet. Often kids' trainers which we expect to be flexible really arent for for purpose.Soft natural rubber is the best material, not only for flexibility, durability and grippiness, but it is also the most eco-friendly option.

- Breathability is vital to avoid sweating. This can cause the foot to move around in the shoe and in extreme cases can cause fungal infections. Natural materials such as leather and cotton perform best on this front, and you should definitely avoid synthetic materials as they generally have no breathability.

Tips for Choosing Kids Shoes

When shopping for kids' shoes it's important to keep a few things in mind:

- Make sure you measure your child's feet before buying new shoes; this will ensure you get the correct size so that your child is comfortable when wearing them (check out our printable fit chart).

- Shop Podiatrist Approved brands       

- Look for breathable materials such as canvas or leather; these materials will allow your child's feet to stay cool while also providing adequate support.

- Avoid buying overly bulky or heavy shoes or shoes with inflexible soles that could cause discomfort when running or playing.

- Make sure there is plenty of room in the toe box so that your child's toes aren't cramped or pinched when wearing them.

We want our kids' to have the best start in life... let's do the same for their feet.

"Let's help little feet take big steps"