Sustainable Xmas Gifts for Kids


kids wearing sustainable zig+star shoes outside a grocery store

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas and Experience Gifts for Children


As the holiday season approaches, many parents and relatives are on the hunt for the perfect gifts for their little ones. However, in an era of increasing environmental awareness, many people (myself included!) are seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional presents. How great to be able to make a positive impact with your gift-giving this year, and even better to choose sustainable Xmas gifts for kids. 


Why Choose Sustainable Xmas Gifts for Kids?

Choosing sustainable Xmas gifts for kids is an excellent way to reduce waste and carbon footprint during the festive season. It also provides an opportunity to teach children about the importance of sustainability and caring for our planet. Sustainable gifts can be lower impact in many different ways, either they are made from recycled/recylable materials, have lower impact production methods or are simply pre-loved... there are many different ways to be sustainable and all are equally valid.


Eco-Friendly Gifts

There's a wide range of eco-friendly toys and games available that make fantastic sustainable Xmas gifts for kids. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Wooden Toys: Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys are biodegradable and it's even better if they are made from sustainably sourced wood. They're durable, low on toxins and come in a variety of designs – from puzzles and building blocks to dolls' houses and train sets. Often their design mean they are collectable and can be added to over time... which means future presents will be coveted. Jacques of London is a great UK heritage brand with the best wooden toys.


  1. Recycled or Bio-Plastic Toys: Some companies have started producing toys from recycled plastic, or even innovative bio-plastic offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic toys. Dantoy is a great toy brand using bio-plastics.


  1. Organic/Recycled Cotton Toys: Anything made from organic cotton means free from harmful chemicals often used in conventional cotton farming, making them safer for children and better for the environment. There are lots of artisanal doll makers on the independant marketplace, Holly&Co.


  1. Eco-Friendly Art Supplies: Look out for art supplies like crayons, paints, and art paper made from natural or recycled materials. Lots of crafting kids are also sustainable and the fact you end with a gorgeous thing you've made is even more satisfying! Brands such as Lola's Art Boxes (another UK brand) are brilliantly creative and keep kids occupied for hours.                                         



Experience Gifts For Kids

Another great option when considering sustainable Xmas gifts for kids is experience gifts—these focus on creating memories rather than just buying more stuff! Here are some ideas:


  1. Museum or Zoo Memberships: Annual memberships to local museums, zoos, or aquariums make fantastic gifts that can be enjoyed all year round.


  1. Art or Music Classes: If your child has a creative streak, consider enrolling them in art or music classes. This not only enhances their skills but also provides an opportunity for self-expression.


  1. Outdoor Adventure Activities: Gifts like camping trips, horse riding lessons, or a day at an adventure park encourage kids to spend time outdoors at one with nature, and away from screens!


  1. Cooking Classes: This is a brilliant way to get kids engaged in food, and also a way to teach kids essential life skills while encouraging healthy eating habits.


Or best of all...

Pre-Loved gifts! Reducing consumption and extending the kife ofproducts already in circulation is actually the most sustainable gift of all!. Try the Octopus from great pre-loved toys, or even Ebay..


Transitioning to sustainable Xmas gifts for kids doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.... in fact, it might even save you money in the long run! Even if you start by choosing just one or two eco-friendly gifts, once you start looking, you'll discover a whole new way of shopping, that your kids will love. Not only will you be helping reduce your impact, you'll be teaching kids about the joys of sustainability and caring about their planet.

Every small step towards sustainability makes a difference.