And what should you be looking for in the perfect school shoe?

School uniform policies can be strict... so choosing the right school shoes is really important. But it's not only choosing something that's within the school policy, it's also about what works best for a show they will be wearing day in and day out for most of the year... over 1200 hours a year in fact!

Unlike other uniform items, shoes can significantly contributing to their overall comfort in a school day, and performance too. But what makes the perfect school shoes? It can be challenging for parents and students to identify exactly what they should be looking for, so let this blog be your guide to choosing the right school shoes.

Why are School Shoes so important?
School shoes are not just about adhering to dress codes, they play an important role in supporting a child's foot health and overall comfort during long school hours.
Children spend a considerable amount of time in their school shoes - walking,
running, playing - which means these shoes need to provide adequate support and
cushioning. Ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear can lead to discomfort, injuries, and
long-term foot problems. Therefore, investing in well designed, good quality school shoes is essential.

Key Features of Acceptable School Shoes:
When shopping for school shoes, there are several key features that you should look out for:

1. Material: The best material for school shoes is genuine leather due to its durability and breathability. Leather allows air circulation that helps keep feet dry and prevents odour-causing bacteria from thriving.

2. Fit: Proper fit is crucial when choosing any footwear, including school shoes. They should be neither too tight nor too loose - there should be enough space for the toes to move freely but not so much that the heel slips out. As a guide, there should be half a thumbnail length space at the top of the toe. You can test the fit at the heel by making sure they stay on the foot when pulling the shoes at the heel.

3. Adjustability: Adjustable fastenings, particularly velcro straps, are great for achieving a secure and comfortable fit around any foot shape. All our shoes have child-friendly, hook and loop straps, which are easy to get on and off, plus our removable midsole allows you to increase the fit as they grow.

3. Support: Good support is vital for maintaining foot health. Look for school shoes
with supportive, padded heel counters (the back part of the shoe) as they provide necessary ankle support. Additionally, comfortable and padded insoles help distribute weight evenly across the foot, reducing pressure on certain areas. All ZIG+STAR shoes come with a breathable leather and memory foam insock that provides bounce-back support.

4. Sole: The soles of school shoes should be flexible yet sturdy, lightweight yet durable. Rubber soles are a good choice as they provide excellent grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Plus they don't contain any plastics which is better for the environment.

6. Style: Depending on the school's dress code, classic black school shoes (not trainers) are generally acceptable in most schools. Most schools will also request that shoes have a black outsole and no fussy trims or colourful detailing


What to Avoid When Choosing School Shoes
While it's important to know what to look for in school shoes, it's equally crucial to
understand what to avoid:

1. High Heels: High-heeled shoes are an absolute no-no. Not only are they unsafe for most activities, they can cause foot problems and are generally not
suitable for the active nature of school life.

2. Light Colours: Light-coloured shoes show dirt and scuffs easily, making them
impractical for everyday use.

3. Poor Quality Materials: Synthetic materials so not provide the same level of
comfort or durability as leather, plus they are completely unbreathable so feet will sweat which has the potential to cause discomfort and create bacteria.

4. Oversized or Undersized Shoes: Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort and foot
problems over time. Either toes have to grip down to stop the shoes from falling off, or, if too small, they will push the toes and feet into awkward positions, causing problems like bunions.

Choosing the right school shoes is a combination of adhering to your child's school
dress code, prioritizing comfort and support, and very importantly, considering durability for long-term use. Remember that children's feet can grow quickly, therefore check their size every 3-6 months to make sure their shoes still fit correctly. Plus don't forget our removable midsole on all our school shoes allows them to grow by half a size and last even longer.

The perfect school shoes should offer a balance between style, comfort, foot health and functionality. So why not give ZIG+STAR school shoes a try?